There are many of creative ways to use garage doors. Especially glass ones. Glass garage doors have become much more common in residential applications. Typically, the doors are constructed in a paneled design with a grid pattern separating the panes of glass. The grids can be fabricated from wood or metal, similar to window frames. Glass garage doors are designed to be strong and tamper-resistant, with several opacity options from which to choose, including clear, frosted and tinted colors. Glass garage doors are also solar treatments that encourage thermal heat gain.

Installing Glass Garage Doors In Unconventional Spaces

Glass is the preferred material for those converting garages into rooms or studios, and certainly for those installing garage doors in unconventional spaces because of their clean, modern aesthetic and the fact that they act as an enormous window when closed, bringing in all kinds of natural light.
Traditional Shed Traditional Garage And Shed

Glass Garage Doors For Interior Use

Glass Garage Doors Inspiring Indoor¬†and¬†Outdoor Spaces. Or as one costumer told us :”If I had it my way, my whole house would be made of these doors”.

Glass Garage Doors Open Up Interior Spaces Р Using a remote control, the glass door opens overhead allowing traffic to flow during gatherings. Closed, it creates an attractive wall of windows, adding a panoramic view to any living space.

Contemporary glass garage doors are becoming a growing¬†alternative to traditional ‚Äúhinged‚ÄĚ patio doors as architects, contractors and interior designers look for new ways to seamlessly merge indoor and let the outdoor come into the living spaces.¬†This type of garage doors is very versatile and can be used for a variety of projects and this is¬†why¬†these¬†doors are¬†so versatile and popular.